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Fact vs. Fiction on Debate Night

Fact vs. Fiction on Debate Night

Commented Oct 4, 2012 at 06:21:38 in Green

“Romney has no plan he going turn the government money over to the rich if think that he care about this country than you are not in the 47% that he stated that want in title ments. You have more company that can hire people in last 4 years that won't because they want to make the president look bad. Look at all the company that Romney made money off bankrupting them and taking people pension. When u have people in goverment that have back door meeting 4 years ago to block everything the president do to turn this country around they need to be put in jail for treason .”

digginya62 on Oct 4, 2012 at 11:50:40

“I voted for our President~He then said, " Getting our Troops Home" within 18-24 months was one
of the first things he'd get done! Where are we now~more troops & conflicts than ever with more on the makes him a Liar. He made himself look bad & if he's a MAN, he's got to
"Own It". Instead he's blaming everyone else. I'm not Afraid of the Muslim people~~I'm AFRAID of Our Government !! I'll wave to you when you get on the FEMA Train.....lmao...bye bye now!!
ohhh, don't forget your "RFID Chip"..”