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Nahed Cains's Comments

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Arab Americans And Equally Shared Parenting

Arab Americans And Equally Shared Parenting

Commented Nov 13, 2011 at 17:48:14 in Parents

“There is no set of rules for any culture. I am a western woman, and convert to Islam 15 years ago. My husband is an Arab (Egyptian) and we live in Saudi Arabia. My husband was not brought up in any western country or has any ideas about the way western couples raise children together (even though this is not always the case) and yet on his own volition he helped me change diapers, feed babies, get up instead of me in the middle of the night, sit up with sick babies, clean up vomit and poop etc...
His his culture had nothing to do with it, he is the father, this child is also his responsibility and he is not some kind of freak of nature I have met many Arab families in my 20 years in the Middle East from several countries and while some have complained of their husband's lack of interest I have found for the most part most husbands contribute in some way. So this family is not so unique or special what is different is Arab families doing exactly the same thing without the American influence.”