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NeoGeo2008's Comments

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Why I Predicted the PA Results Exactly Right

Why I Predicted the PA Results Exactly Right

Commented Apr 23, 2008 at 19:50:42 in Politics

“I'm not sure I'm going to stay a democrat or become an independent, and it's because of people like you. We should all ignore that he won the delegates and probably the popular vote. We should also use the super-delegates to overturn a democratic election. Great!

Mr. Obama has not been controversial in views, demeanor or anything else. The only thing controversial about Barack Obama is his skin. And that's how little we've come. Kids my son's age don't see color. It's too bad that the their parents are such barbarians that they cannot overlook this small point. Well after Hillary invades Iran and the U.S. is ruined, it will will be pure poetry that our gravestone will read "race". Nice going!”

Aaror on Apr 23, 2008 at 21:26:35

“Um, NeoGeo, I think you are new here. ResidentChimp is a troll and proud of it. He believes the constitution should be rewritten to allow Bush to run again, or just get rid of the elections and corinate king George...”
Thoughts on Pennsylvania, Clinton and Obama from a

Thoughts on Pennsylvania, Clinton and Obama from a "Realisticrat"

Commented Apr 23, 2008 at 19:12:21 in Politics

“Thanks to everybody on this page who denounces this insane viewpoint.
The media treats this race like a sport, a sport with the civility of a dog fight. And it doesn't matter how this distracts us from the mortgage crisis, or dying in corporate wars. Hey, it's just "football". She’s just doing what she needs to do to win; she’s got her game on! She just has to subvert the democratic process using an election aberration called "super-delegates" whose only purpose is to overturn democratic elections.
The greatest Neocon of them all, Bill Kristol, has staunchly defended her, and he also wants to “obliterate” Iran. He was the first to advise her to go negative—“The way you puncture euphoria is reality, or to be more blunt, fear. I recommend to Senator Clinton the politics of fear.” (YouTube — Kristol "Politics of Fear”). Neocons don't have a problem with Hillary. Has she has promised them Iran? How will the realisticrats feel then—gas at $8 a gallon and the U.S. ruined? Richard Melon Scathe has also endorsed her. What did she promise him?
She is no longer a democrat in any real sense. Randy Rhodes and even Chris Mathews believe that she would prefer an Obama defeat in November against McCain. THIS IS SIMPLY INCREDIBLE.
Hillary can have her “win”, her racism, her vitriol, and her disregard for descent human conduct. Howard Dean, John Edwards and the rest of the democrats can cheer her on. Nice job!”