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Gun Control: Get the Lead Out

Gun Control: Get the Lead Out

Commented May 3, 2013 at 15:00:49 in Politics

“Mr. Chapman and many of the posters here have missed the historical point of teh 2nd amendment. The 2nd amendment does not guarantee the right to bear arms so we may hunt, target shoot, or even protect ourselves. The 2nd amendment guarantees the right to bear arms so that, in the event that our government became sufficiently tyrannical, we would have the means to overthrow it. A disarmed citizenry could potentially be enslaved by a despotic government. This is not the case today (though some US extremists would disagree) however there is no certainty that the government will never become tyrannical in the future. Consequently the right to bear arms must be maintained, because if it is lost, future despots will certainly not restore it,”