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Growing Healthy Food on Healthy Farms

Growing Healthy Food on Healthy Farms

Commented May 8, 2012 at 02:27:59 in Green

“These article completely ignores the role of factory farming runoff in foodborne illness outbreaks. It is not wild animals but our own domesticated livestock that are the source of contamination of produce with organisms such as E. coli and Salmonella. There are countless studies on this topic; so many in fact that the puzzling omission caused me to go to the Nature Conservancy's website and take a look at its board of trustees and their investments. Interesting. Now, science is the answer to many worldwide problems, but I doubt if it can do more than keep pace with the deregulation of agribusiness as it parallels the growth of meat consumption, particularly fast food meat consumption (like Burger King, etc.). Theoretically, food safety and sanitation standards are rising (no doubt bolstered by reports such as this) but in reality the practices are carried out by increasingly underpaid, overworked employees (many of them illegally here and living in squalor, particularly in California where the homeless migrant farm worker population is high). Increased food safety standards are a noble goal, however. Kudos for promoting the idea.”