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Is Male Birth Control Coming? The Gates Foundation Thinks So

Is Male Birth Control Coming? The Gates Foundation Thinks So

Commented Dec 12, 2011 at 21:31:00 in Women

“Men's birth control is not a women's issue - it's a men's issue. When a woman gets pregnant, from the moment of conception has all of the control regarding the child, and the lion's share of the man's income for the next 18 years. We want to be able to control our destiny just as you control yours. It's about equality and equal rights for men to control their own choices about reproduction. Sorry, it's not all about you. Most of the men I know would take birth control if it were an option for men. We want and deserve equal rights to our children, equal rights to our income to pay for our children and raise our own children, and equal rights to our own reproduction. How about a little equality for a change instead of the double standards? Tell me - are you for equality, or are you for entitlement for women at the expense of men and children?”