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Beer Factory Is The Epitome Of Organized Chaos (VIDEO)

Beer Factory Is The Epitome Of Organized Chaos (VIDEO)

Commented Jan 9, 2013 at 18:50:13 in Home

“ok - just saw this video. I'm petty sure it was filmed in Germany. More precisly somewhere between Frankfurt/Main and Stuttgart. I even think I can narrow it even more to the triangel of the cities Mannheim, Heidelberg and Karlsruhe - based on the beer logos seen on the cases.
I would even go further and guess that these guys are working for some kind of supermarket cain or a subcontractor of that cain.
Here in Germany we do have a deposit system. This system has two sides: the bottles (most bottle types are used by a big number of breweries; some breweries have their own individual designed bottles) and the cases (the breweries use their own cases and need them back for further use). The company i.e. the supermarket cain who collected these case as seen in the video want the deposit-money back they paid their customers. In order to get it back from the industrie, i.e. the brewery, the have to deliver only the right cases to the right brewery. Therefore the cases had to be assorted. The bottles are empty.”