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Pallas's Comments

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Roberta McCain Chimes In On Britney-Paris Ad

Roberta McCain Chimes In On Britney-Paris Ad

Commented Aug 3, 2008 at 12:10:38 in Politics

“Looks like McCain is playing the Hugh Hefner card..Insinuating himself with Paris and Britney for virility by proxy. Is the ad really about Obama or McCain's desperate ploy for a youthful photo op?

Those are two multi-millionairesses he can't get his hands on. Oh well. Cindy will just have to do for now..but she's pushing 50; I guess he's starting to set his wishful sights elsewhere.”
Larry Craig for VP

Larry Craig for VP

Commented Jul 23, 2008 at 11:39:04 in Entertainment

“Changing Planes In Ancient Rome
For Larry Craig

When Lucius Craigius left the Forum
He scratched his ass and headed home..
He wore his Toga in strict decorum
Whitewashed and pleated it hung like a stone,
And the purple border that touched his thews
Proclaimed the class where he was affixed
And was able to buy a Seneate pew..
Where high and low had never been mixed.

I’ll spare you more because I digress
To the fate of Cragius when he left town..
A time warp left him in a wilderness
Where ‘the North Star’ shone to bring him down.
Without his slaves and entourage
Lucius Cragius was on his own
In a strange venue and off his stage,
Bewildered, this Roman was far from home.

But now in an alien metropolis
Among an unknown populace,
On the barbarous turf of Minneapolis..
Careless Lucius went cruising for solace..
From his perch in the booth where he came to rest,
He lowered his hand and tapped the floor..
Wide stanced and yearning in sexual quest
With invitation to the man next door..

Caught by the Toga he spread by its pleats
In wide stanced comfort he had hoped for his treats;
But alas, his seduction was for the police.
Like his crass Senate beholden to none
Lucius expected his case to be won..
But Cicero smirked and said not this one,
We’ve got a new shrine and smashed old Priapus,
But hold on poor Lucius, we still have old Bacchus.

Helen Mirren: Bathing Bikini Beauty

Helen Mirren: Bathing Bikini Beauty

Commented Jul 16, 2008 at 12:47:39 in Entertainment

“Mirren has beauty and no lack of brains..And she was a ballet dancer; she still walks with that catlike turnout! Her body was not made with the Hollywood knife. Mirren is refreshing..her face also doesn't have that stretched frog look of the plumped and botoxed post 50ish Hollywood stars ..who are desperate to look 25 into their 60-'s and beyond. Brava Helen Mirren. You are a credit to your art.”

chirps on Jul 17, 2008 at 12:50:18

“...and no "lizard " lips.”

NTO08 on Jul 17, 2008 at 03:15:00

“I have always loved her as an actress, and she is quite the beauty!
Prime Suspect was a wonderful series, and her perf as Elizabeth II was phenomenal...
I think Lizzy enjoyed it immensely...”
Bernanke: Economy faces 'numerous difficulties'

Bernanke: Economy faces 'numerous difficulties'

Commented Jul 15, 2008 at 11:59:40 in Business

“Aren't you glad Social Security hasn't been privatized? The falling dollar and the Dow..and 401 k.s have already lost 20% of their value. The Republicans are itching to give their cronies contol of the Social Security coffers..Now you see it $ now you don't.. So far, Social Security is safe. Let's keep it out of Republican hands and those gurus on Wall Street.”

lionqueen on Jul 15, 2008 at 12:22:41

“The stock market is in the process of a correction - a decline of 20%+, that happens about every 10 years. The market corrections that have occured during my career were 73 - 75, 87, 91 - 93, 2001 and the present.
Warren Buffett bought a significant number of his holdings during the correction in the 70's. Counting each correction, the stock market has grown about 10% per year.
On the other hand, the Social Security "trust fund" is an imaginary amount of money put aside by the Treasury Department owed for payment to retirees. It isn't there.
You'd be better off in the market, as long as you understand that selling during a correction is a very unwise thing to do. The basic rule is "buy low, sell high." This would be the time to buy.”