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The Future of Printed Literature: A Digital Dilemma

The Future of Printed Literature: A Digital Dilemma

Commented Aug 19, 2011 at 00:08:06 in Books

“at lease we are saving trees finally - i buy both digital and printed - i usually buy printed on a whim and wish later that i would have had it sent to my nook”

hp blogger Mia R. Benenate on Aug 19, 2011 at 11:20:12

“That's a good point you bring up, but I think we have a long way to go before we are "saving" trees; the issue of conservation is much more pervasive than the book publishing industry. It seems that our consumption is more gratuitous than purchasing literature for reading purposes:

— Although paper is traditionally identified with reading and writing, communications has now been replaced by packaging as the single largest category of paper use at 41% of all paper used.
Source: North American Factbook PPI, 1995. (Figures are for 1993)

— The US uses approx. 68 million trees each year to produce 17 billion catalogues and 65 billion pieces of direct mail.
Source: American Forest and Paper Association

— The average daily web user prints 28 pages daily.
Source: Gartner group and HP”
Amazon Boycott Over Internet Sales Tax Gains Momentum

Amazon Boycott Over Internet Sales Tax Gains Momentum

Commented Aug 19, 2011 at 00:04:19 in Books

“Exactly, Amazon has what you can't find locally and i like it because it does have no sales taxes - i hate when companies that don't even exist in my state charge me sales tax for ordering from them online.”
Parent Regrets: Why I Wish We Never Had Gone to See Taylor Swift

Parent Regrets: Why I Wish We Never Had Gone to See Taylor Swift

Commented Aug 18, 2011 at 00:53:10 in Parents

“I did the same thing - i think it was 10 years ago- i took my daughter to see Britney Spears, my daughter's first concert - nothing like having Britney floating above us with glitter on her chest - we could see the skin stretches on them she was so close to us. My daughter covered her ears most of the time because she said it was too loud and the only thing she seemed excited about was when the foil rectangles fell from the top of the auditorium - next time she saw a concert - i sent her with a friend - i think she was 17 and it was the Jonas Brothers - now she's 20 and i don't do concerts any more - i guess i'm past that point. I am 42 and did go to the beach in Gulf Shores, AL to see Jon Bon Jovi - wanted to her the song "Superman Tonight" and "You want to make a memory" instead after not only the 2 hours waiting in the sand to get a good place to sit, the late comers -soon pushed their way forward over us early arrivers, every one was getting drunk, never heard the songs i wanted to hear, left before he was finished. It took just as long to get out of the crowd of drunks and the two meaningful songs i came to hear, i just listened to them from my cd. Big disappointment- i think i am”
Would You Buy This for Your Daughter?

Would You Buy This for Your Daughter?

Commented Aug 13, 2011 at 18:59:51 in Parents

“Regarding the above article, i have been in the superstores as well and have seen bras (real padded bras) for toddlers with matching underwear. I was looking for some underroos (like they had when i was a kid) and/or some transformers underwear in size 2 and there in the same section was toddler bras with matching undies. I then decided that any future children i have will be homeschooled.”