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A Structure to Match the Vision

A Structure to Match the Vision

Commented Jan 21, 2009 at 11:21:18 in Politics

“Dear Ambassador Hunt,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on 'A Structure to Match the Vision'.

I agree that Hillary is an execellent choice for Secretrary of State.
She's not only smart, she's knowledgable and like President Ellen Johnson Serlief, an excellent role model for women all arround the world. Expecially, the women of Liberia as we strive to attain leadership positions in governance, decision making and the security sectors.
In a nutshell, she is a true fufilment of UNSCR 1325

I think that President Obama should not only reconstitute the office of women but, should make concerted efforts to ensure that atleast 30% of high level positions in his government are filled with women.

It is an established fact that women are better negotiators.”