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Sheryl Sandberg's <em>Lean In</em> Book and Movement

Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In Book and Movement

Commented Apr 4, 2013 at 16:10:18 in Women

“I agree with RKats. I think it would make more sense to appeal to a woman like Heidi to mentor others, but maybe she has tried, maybe she doesn't have time being on 6 boards, maybe that's not her strength. I think the point is to empower women to create their own lives and careers, and stop waiting for permission. Governments and Companies are only made up of people. So it seems to me what you are asking is mostly men boards to include women. Personally, I'd rather be so successful that an organization asks me on it's board because they can see my value, versus a group challenging them so they reached out because they need a woman to save face. I think the awareness of how our lack of leadership is influencing our future is the first step and then creating support in our lives so that we can make the time for leadership is the next step. Finally, putting the responsibility on ourselves to reach out to Heidi's and ask for mentoring makes me feel much more powerful than complaining about what is.”