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REHED's Comments

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Reformed Hoarder Judi Manuel: 'The Piles Just Grew' (VIDEO)

Reformed Hoarder Judi Manuel: 'The Piles Just Grew' (VIDEO)

Commented Dec 10, 2012 at 13:39:41 in HuffPost Live 321

“My mom was a hoarder. To answer your question, when you live that way your whole life, you don't realized it's a problem. My mom worked 2 jobs to support us and kept a clean house. She was not a lazy person. As an adult I can see now that she always saved and collected things that made no sense to use but didn't seem out of control and were not in our way of living. Or so we thought. As kids, we thought everyone lived that way so it didn't look like a problem to us. I wasn't till we were adults, married and gone that we began to see a problem. I moved away and only saw my mom about 4 times a year so when I come back home it was progressively worse until there was just a trail through her house. My mom passed away suddenly so we never got the chance to help her, but we knew it was the hoarding was a sickness in itself. She never felt as if she were in control, or as good as her siblings and I think having lots of "things" made her feel as if she were in control. It's so easy to judge these people, but you never know whats going on in their head. Instead of reporting them to authorities so their homes are condemned or they are fined, their pets removed etc., they need specialized help first.”
Horrors Of Methamphetamines By Shows Faces Ravaged By Alleged Drug Abuse (PHOTOS)

Horrors Of Methamphetamines By Shows Faces Ravaged By Alleged Drug Abuse (PHOTOS)

Commented Dec 10, 2012 at 12:50:01 in Crime

“That is not an exaggeration. Meth has to be cooked to get to its chrystal form and is highly explosive. Looks like she was in the vacinity when it happened. They should put more pictures of what can happen when the lab explodes. In my opinion, those pictures don't begin to scratch the surface of what meth really looks like to not only the users but everyone around them.”
Kris Humphries' Lawyers Will Use Kim Kardashian's Oprah Interview As Evidence

Kris Humphries' Lawyers Will Use Kim Kardashian's Oprah Interview As Evidence

Commented Jun 20, 2012 at 14:52:51 in Celebrity

“Apart from fame and fortune, I'm not sure what makes this marriage any different than any other that didn't last. People marry for all sorts of reasons that do or don't make sense to the rest of us and sometimes they last sometimes they don't. If Kim had an agenda for marrying that was so easy for the world to see, unless this guy was living under a rock or just an idiot, didn't he see it to? Which makes me think he had his own agenda. I think he should pick up his ego and his nads and walk away. Things didn't go quite as he thought they would and now he wants his payday.

I am not in the least a KK fan, but come on folks, don't feel to sorry for this guy. I seriously don't think he walked into this with his eyes closed.”
Skout, Flirting App, Bans Minors After Third Child Rape

Skout, Flirting App, Bans Minors After Third Child Rape

Commented Jun 15, 2012 at 03:40:18 in Technology

“My daughter didn't have a computer or cell phone till she was 15 and we spent many hours going over the rules with her on giving out private information about herself and where we lived. We installed all the parental controls so she could only log on at certain times of the day and my husband installed another program she didn't know about that sent us emails every few hours of every single keystroke she made, and still she managed to get herself in trouble and lose privileges. She did so by giving out personal information to a stranger because she thought he sounded trustworthy. Luckily we intervened before anything could go wrong.

Unfortunately kids don't have enough sense not to meet strangers. For whatever reason, their trust can be gained so easily. It can happen in the best of families with good parents. Talking to them constantly about what can happen without sugarcoating it will help. It's no longer happening in the big cities, it's everywhere. They need to know that. They need to be scared.”

Secret Squirrel on Jun 15, 2012 at 05:51:41

“You are right. They will try and find a way to do what they want no matter what you try to tell them. If not at your house, at school or someone else's. It's the nature of the beast and the fact that their brains are still not fully developed until they are in their 20s. All it takes is one stpid mistake to change everything. They just don't realize it yet. Thty is why you have to know where they go and what they are doing and who their friends are. Sometimes their teen years are our worst nightmare :)”

tccat4 on Jun 15, 2012 at 04:43:43

“REHED, We put them in a secure home and they think people are like they are, trustworthy.. We keep the boogyman away and protect them..They have no idea that their world can change in a moments time...”

studiomx7 on Jun 15, 2012 at 04:41:38

“even wives are under wife is not allowed to use a computer unless i say so.”
Diane Tran, Honor Student At Texas High School, Jailed For Missing School

Diane Tran, Honor Student At Texas High School, Jailed For Missing School

Commented May 27, 2012 at 22:54:17 in Teen

“Where was the legal system when I couldn't make my daughter go to school or stay in school when she actually went. She missed more days than she attended and the most that happened is that I was threatened with jail time and fines. I begged for help. I took her to counseling. I sent her to rehab twice. I took her to school and even went to school and attended each class with her as I threatened to do. Nothing worked and she eventually quit school. I did everything right and I got no support from the legal or Spring Independent School System in Harris County.”

Quincy Archer Hates You on May 28, 2012 at 00:20:27

“You live in Texas like I do REHED. We aren't interested in educated people down here., you know, "book learnin'" I am so sorry to hear about your daughter and I share your frustration with the system.”