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RebeccaWales's Comments

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"Grassroots" Group Opposing Terrorism Trials In VA Has Ties To GOP Firm

Commented Jun 11, 2009 at 14:15:31 in Politics

“As spokesperson for Smart Girl Politics (, a national conservative women's movement of over 10,000 promoting grassroots efforts and conservative activism, I applaud Ms. Raak. She saw a local issue affecting her community, found a way, through her work, her professional experience, and her interests to garner grassroots support and reach out to others in her community, and asked her company - which happens to be in her community, as well - to help out. This is true grassroots activism, not astroturfing.

Smart Girl Politics encourages, enables and empowers women who want to be leaders in their communities. What Ms. Raak did was impressive and we applaud her initiative. This is the kind of activity that Smart Girl Politics will continue to advocate for nationwide. Kudos to her for being a strong conservative woman and her company for supporting local grassroots initiatives.”

littleblackcat on Jun 11, 2009 at 21:40:15

“The problem is, Ms. Raak is NOT a "grass-roots leader, concerned mom about something affecting her community", she is a republican-backed shill again pounding the drum of fear. Fear-mongering is a specialty of thugs like cheney and rumsfeld. Frightened people are easily lied to and led where ever the liars want them to go. The bush/cheney lies got us into an illegal war with all the consequences war brings and which will continue to visit us for decades to come.
Conservative, my left hind leg! Just another puppet for the repus, and you are foolish enough to believe it. Shame on you.”