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Nuns On The Bus Meet Tea Party Protests In Ohio

Nuns On The Bus Meet Tea Party Protests In Ohio

Commented Oct 17, 2012 at 23:52:19 in Religion

“I was there Monday am in Marietta OH. There were about 100 in the TeaPartiers group, and about 100 in the "Welcomers" (b/c that is what we were doing. Over the weekend, the local Catholic church published an anti-Nuns paragraph in the bulletin. It was circulated widely on both sides of the street. We could identify most members of the group as members of the local Catholic parish, St. Mary's. We were on two different sides of an intersection. But soon after the Nuns returned from meeting with Rep. Johnson's staff, and they began their presentation, some of the TeaPartiers crossed over the street, and stood right around us, hemming us in. And they stayed there until it was clear that the program was finished. We felt intimidated. They were rude and impolite, reciting prayers loudly while the Nuns were speaking. It was infuriating. And they clearly did not pay attention to the presentation.”

Sinfulman on Oct 18, 2012 at 13:54:55

“I attended a similar rally here in Phoenix severl months ago. As a lifelong Catholic, I was applaed by the actions of the people in attendance and the ignorance of "social justice issues. It, as the Church teaches, that life prolife is from concenption to natural death, then those years between are equally as important. Howe can nayone deny that social justice for the poor and disenfranchised is not equally as importnat as the life of a fetus. It is all life, and we hvae Jeuse actual words from the gospels specific to the poor to back this up.”