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Change, Not a Restoration: The Death of Conservatism and Rebirth of Reform

Commented Sep 2, 2009 at 17:27:15 in Politics

“I'm one those doubtful independents mentioned in the article. I am not confused by what health reform will do to "health-care", but confused by the absence of good reasoning on behalf of the administration.

In my perspective this is a cost shifting issue, nationally we're investing an enormous amount of money with little return. The easiest thing to do is to setup a new provider and shift the costs from independent purchaser premiums, employer contributions and employee premiums, and aggregate that national "spend" under the Medicare system and move along.
I do not understand why the administration can not muster the intellectual talent to posit the issue in simple economic language. Will taxes go up? Yes. Will your employer contributions and out of pocket premiums turn into tax dollars? Yes, we will be shifting the costs and improving the service and ultimately be better off. In any scenario we are paying, but at least when we buy through Medicare we can better manage the return on that spend.

There is a cost to not taking action and sticking with the system we have today, more bankruptcies means less consumer demand for all businesses, including health insurance and medical care providers. Sick people suffering from treatable stuff walking around at your children's playground is not in the national interest at all.”