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Obama "Deeply Saddened" By Corazon Aquino's Death

Commented Aug 3, 2009 at 03:53:10 in World

“I was still 11 years old when People Power Revolution happened. It was amazing! I salute the bravery of President Cory. A woman with dignity and speaks words of wisdom to her fellowmen. The people will surely miss her, I will definitely tell her story to my future grand daughters, she is a women to be loved by anyone who appreciates her efforts in bringing back the democracy in our country. It took courage and faithful love of our country to be like her. She is a good example of a person who did something for the country and not the country to do something for her. She will be remembered as a peace loving person and a truly LOVED President of the Republic of the Philippines. WE ALL LOVE YOU PRESIDENT CORY!!!!!!!!”