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Non-Approved Genetically Modified Wheat Found In Oregon Field, Says USDA

Non-Approved Genetically Modified Wheat Found In Oregon Field, Says USDA

Commented May 31, 2013 at 07:05:48 in Green

“Hi We run a FB page in Aussie! Sharing all the Aussie GMO news.
No sign of ANY GMO reported in the mainstream media over here, despite the weeks events with the march, Hungary's new ban and now the Oregon story...hmm intresting times!”
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Drawing Blessings From the Gulf Oil Spill

Commented Jun 30, 2010 at 22:25:35 in Healthy Living

“To me the oil spill, and other major disasters of late, is about how we choose to respond internally. Do we choose anger and blame or do we choose love and compassion and contribution to a responsible resolution. Whether by prayer or action, by spoonfuls or by barrelfuls. I heard recently that the energy of the planet is shifting and we are each being presented choices. For us to evolve we need to choose love - now - not later, it's situations like this that give us the gift to choose love in the face of all other options.
Bless the water, bless the land, bless the people and bless the animals.
Thanks for sharing...I LOVE the spoonfuls.”

333888999 on Jul 3, 2010 at 11:37:08

“If you are a gulf resident and your kid is breaking out in weird rashes and sore thoats...this actually do you respond internally....I would respond "externally". Just as on the mountain when weather turns to "full conditions" so too when faced with environmental danger.....actions to remove yourself from the danger....but barring journalists from gulf treatment centers is designed to put aside any "panic" and like fear on the mountain anesthetize against action.”
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Declaring Your Artistic Self

Commented Jan 4, 2010 at 20:53:29 in Healthy Living

“Awesome, I feel like a fake too, mainly more like a try hard wannabe...because there is a fine line with wanting to be an artist and actually doing one's art. Blessings to you for being more arty and less sporty...interestingly I am finding lots of peace in being sporty now and less 'arty' so to speak...( and even more interestingly to any one reading this...the author above and I share mothers!)

Thanks for sharing your post and your heart.”
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Poetry Is (Anything But) Dead...

Commented Jun 6, 2008 at 20:54:46 in Healthy Living

“You are so cute, your poem is a delight ! And today I am blessed in a sweet way to have heard the words. Blessings to you sweet Tamsin.”
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Bill Gates Sees A New World Coming. And So Do I.

Commented Jan 25, 2008 at 18:37:32 in Healthy Living

“Super Cool! I love the idea. Even though Bill Gates sprouted it (- its not that I don't like him, I just hate corporate dominance in anything.) But that aside - being a business owner... its good to think about the group, not only at work but the global group. I am inspired and will join the new radicals! (Although I also hate joining things...)
The idea I get is finding ways to REALLY get our business seeing how to give back of the over flow. But not just by shelling out bucks to volunteer hippies and house wives, but by using our amazing skills and success strategies for good!
Great I love it! Thanks Julia for sharing.”
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Boycott Britney?

Commented Jan 25, 2008 at 18:19:30 in Entertainment

“Heres a news flash!! Why don't you try and HELP her? You have walked the road, you have survived and you lived to tell the tale. She might just need a glimmer of hope that her life can return to normal.

(Imagine...if you helped her how many people would by your wouldn't even need to do it for a good cause. It would be a blantantly good business decision.)

If you are really real and you think you can help. know you must...don't be reading that obit and wonder...hmmm do you think she would have seen me for a coffee.”
Heath Ledger Found Dead

Heath Ledger Found Dead

Commented Jan 25, 2008 at 17:58:50 in Entertainment

George Clooney: I Have To Move Because Of Britney Spears

George Clooney: I Have To Move Because Of Britney Spears

Commented Jan 25, 2008 at 17:20:38 in Entertainment

“Well I wonder how many of you would cope with being a huge star at an early age, parents with no clue, absolutely no self esteem - ironically, if she did have any she would have never gone with that guy...then the world makes out YOU are the nut case and you lose your children. Everyone thinks you are a losing it, every paper breathes the every move you people are sad and heartless. Have compassion for a mother and young woman in a highly pressured situation.

I bet you freak out and abuse people when the dry cleaning comes back late and your latte is burnt...try getting a reality check on the Britney situation before you throw another stone.

Is that what this world is about now - kicking those who are down? I bet Heath would have been kicked by you if he had lived...some sordid affair with Mary-Kate...whatever...

George Clooney's comments probably have been blown out of proportion ... but I thought he was different. Pity he can't try and help her.

The media circus continues:
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Amid Heath Ledger Fallout, Has Media Ignored Young Male Stars in Crisis?

Commented Jan 25, 2008 at 16:44:14 in Media

“Heres a poem on the theme:

The media has a lot to answer for, and not only in star and starlet coverage. The biased and completely propaganda filled network news and media is what is half the problem in this world. Where news should be about information - unbiased! Its not - its a bloody advertising campagain for the highest bidder. The mass population is just waiting (unconciously) to be sold the next thing.

Reporting about religious slander is my worst...where the journos quote people sprouting the very things they wish they could blantantly write - so they get to advertise the info and remain blameless. Its heartless. People dont read the bit that says - 'even through its yet to be proved...' BUT the sky is falling on our heads!...
Under education is fully exploited by the media - spin is out of control and the stars and starlets are not the only ones suffering.
Watch a movie called OUT FOXED if you are vaguely intrested in how the wool is SO being pulled over our eyes.”
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From the Heart of a Poet: Prayer Day for Kenya January 25th

Commented Jan 25, 2008 at 16:19:33 in Healthy Living

“Its sad when un-westernised countries think that the American way is what they want. Even middle eastern countries who apparently don't like the American way find their countries bending to mass consumerism. Bending to the quest for financial wealth. Essentially getting eaten alive by the cancer of westernised greed and power ideals.
It is subtle and quite like desertification. The silent eradication of the planet's innocence.
I always thought it sad/weird/ruthless when I see coca-cola bill boards stewn across countries who barely have enough water! But don't get me started on that!”