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Boston: A Preview of Crime in the Google Glass Era

Commented Apr 20, 2013 at 11:04:03 in Technology

“I'm not sure Google Glass battery life is sufficient to make this possible, but what will really be a game-changer is when we have devices like Glass which are always recording. We may not actually want to keep a 24x7 record -- most of it will be really boring and some of it would be inappropriate -- but what if the device continuously recorded on a 30-second loop, so that at any point in time you could tell it to save what you just saw? The result would be a video record, often from multiple angles, of every accident, every act of violence. As well as lots of other things, of course: funny actions from young children, drunken acts at parties, cruel or stupid words... there will be a lot of bad and a lot of good.

But it will definitely change the world.”