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Sheila1's Comments

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Oh, The Places He Went

Commented Aug 27, 2007 at 13:52:04 in Politics

“So very sad. It is difficult not to be corrupted by the touch of Karl Rove and his adopted puppet George W. Bush. The picture of Gonzales leaving the podium alone, no Bush at his side, after he announced his resignation, kind of said it all.
Too bad he did not rise above the corruption of his handlers. Too bad he succumbed to the disease of Rovepolitics complicated by the vacuous ethical corelessness of Dubyavirus. It could have been so different. Will he fervently wish he had never met these two as he tosses and turns in his bed at night? Time, I suppose, will tell.
But after the damage he has done to the DOJ and to constitutional government, he does not deserve sympathy and I am not proferring mine.”
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Shameless: Bush's Bogus History Lesson

Commented Aug 25, 2007 at 22:57:57 in Politics

“So sorry you cannot make it back but I hope you enjoy the website. I can't claim credit for it. The website is the brainchild and creation of Ted Christian, a retired (in his early forties) engineer who worked at the Houston Space Center on space program simulators. I am just on the "core organizing committee of the Greenville Antiwar Society." That's kind of a joke since the core committee consists of four people who gather at a bohemian coffee house to do the new idea brainstorming, planning, mapping of areas for laying out candles, congregating to pour concrete in plastic cups in which to anchor votive candles, putting together packets of peace beads to mail to volunteers, etc. Then because of Ted's great webmastering, hundreds of people show up to light the candles and listen to our speeches. (I can give a mean speech. Not shy about speaking up). Ted is the prime dreamer-upper of ever more complicated events and is a character you don't easily forget once you meet him. Ho

Hope you enjoy the website.”
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The Story of Salee

Commented Aug 25, 2007 at 22:22:10 in Politics

“I have met Salee, at the airport when she arrived for treatment at the Shriners Hospital here in Greenville, S.C. and it is an experience that will be with me for a lifetime. She is an AMAZING little girl. She has captured the hearts of everyone in our community regardless of their political beliefs. Marvelous people whom I know and who have been active in the some of the same organizations of which I am a member have worked for a long time to make this happen and inspiring those of us who spend so much time in trying to end this war to volunteer some time to help one small, courageous victim of this war.
Thank you for bringing Salee to the attention of as wide an audience as regularly comments on Huffington Post.”
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Shameless: Bush's Bogus History Lesson

Commented Aug 25, 2007 at 01:07:57 in Politics

Pleased to meet you. You pegged me. Bob Jones territory. Do you ever come back to Greenville? I have a link up to on my bio. We have really great events, demonstrate on the corner of Washington and Church in front of the Federal Building every Wednesday 5:30 - 6:25pm. Have been since before the invasion. We also plan ever larger events to mark things like another year of war, a higher shameful level of dead. We are planning soldier 4000 for October if our projections are correct. We also have a beautiful large wooden frame for the center of a field of candles that holds back-lit strings of blue and clear beads to honor the many thousands of Iraqi dead. You can see our events through the years on that website. Try to come one time. You can get on the distribution by visiting the website. Bring friends. We'd love to have you.
Don't know when you were here before but back twenty years or so we had a liberal weekly called the Edge. It morphed into Creative Loafing/Edge, then MetroBeat and after the grvle news thought they had run it out of business with their entertainment supplement,The Link, the Editor of Metrobeat bought it and it is now the Upstate Beat. And it is doing well. Even has a radio show called Radio Beat with Jim Shannon and Roxanne Walker. Liberal talk radio!!! In Greenville. Isn't that a kicker!
Hope you get on the GAS ( distribution and manage to come in October or even some Wednesday afternoon to our weekly demonstration.”

yellowdogSC on Aug 25, 2007 at 14:29:08


Many thanks, but my current state of disability keeps me in the house pretty much all the time. Haven’t been back in 15 years.

I WILL check your website.

I hope to find 4000 is postponed until spring.....2018.

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Blaming All Americans for Bush's Debacle in Iraq?

Commented Aug 24, 2007 at 22:51:39 in Politics

“Absolutely!!! We must hold these criminals responsible for the havoc they have wreaked with their incredible blind incompetence. I cannot for the life of me understand why impeachment is off the table. I know, politics, let the war belong to Bush. Does no one except Dennis Kucinich actually understand what democratic institutions really are?”
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A Republican Speaks Out about Fred Thompson

Commented Aug 24, 2007 at 22:40:35 in Politics

“Beautiful. Wife would be pronounced with a loonnng "eye." I know a Bob Jones University graduate who is praying for Fred to get in the race.”
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Shameless: Bush's Bogus History Lesson

Commented Aug 24, 2007 at 22:14:16 in Politics

“Thank you 400poundnudist. And a picture of Lindsey Lohan would probably do the trick. Maybe if I sent along an airbrushed picture of Dubya in a string bikini US Weekly would publish it.”
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Shameless: Bush's Bogus History Lesson

Commented Aug 24, 2007 at 22:10:15 in Politics

“Thank you. I am so grateful for liberal blogs. When I write a letter to the local, "We love Bush and all he is and does, newspaper", my stuff gets chopped up and sometimes even has the meaning changed. The Greenville News never would have published this "rant." At least, until hopefully the public wakes up and smells the phosphorus bomb smoke, there is a place for the voices of sanity to be heard.”

yellowdogSC on Aug 24, 2007 at 23:37:28


"SC" by any chance? "Greenville News"?
I've lived there, so it seems likely.

If so, Myrtle Beach calls itself "liberal" then does the same. They told me to stop submitting, when I stepped on local toes involving charity money scams.

At least once a week there's a front page story "disproving" GW.

Everyone has bills to pay, I guess.

Pleased to meet you, no matter WHERE you're from.”
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Shameless: Bush's Bogus History Lesson

Commented Aug 24, 2007 at 01:53:11 in Politics

“I meant to say put impeachment back on the table. Its late. I should be in bed.”
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Shameless: Bush's Bogus History Lesson

Commented Aug 24, 2007 at 01:14:37 in Politics

“Well, thank you. Dubya is such inspiration for rage. And I would love to be Speaker of the House long enough to take impeachment off the table.”

Sheila1 on Aug 24, 2007 at 01:53:11

“I meant to say put impeachment back on the table. Its late. I should be in bed.”
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Shameless: Bush's Bogus History Lesson

Commented Aug 23, 2007 at 22:30:57 in Politics

“How right you are!!! George Bush absolutely has NO SHAME. The White House has no shame. The sychophants with whom he has surrounded himself have no shame. The White House is proud of that speech.
The actual stare-in-your face in disbelief facts are that a spoiled son of privilege used influence to get out of a war, grew up failing at everything he ever set his feeble mind to, was "adopted" by an unprincipled political hack who, by way of filthy politics, gave him a political career which ended in two stolen elections that plopped him down behind a desk in the Oval Office. He then proceeds to fail so monumentally at this last thing he set his feeble mind to that he has plunged the Middle East into an unremediable blood bath and destroyed the credibility of the only remaining super power in the world.
He doesn't have the mental capacity or honesty of character even realize the enormity of what he has done. It is obvious when he can stand before America and, with slurred words and wooden gestures, proclaim that history is other than what it is. Once denying there is any connection between Iraq and Vietnam, now he has the nerve to claim a bogus, totally false, self-serving connection that is contrary to the assessment of every intelligent person alive on the planet today. So he doesn't have to admit his gigantic mistakes and so he can continue to have his war.
One which, if there were a draft and he was of draft age, he would opt out of.”

flanardiente on Aug 24, 2007 at 01:38:46

“I was about to say what you just said only you said it better than I would have. I wish they'd print this on the front page of every sports section of every newspaper (so people would actually read it) in America.”

Herrington on Aug 23, 2007 at 23:56:53

“Sheila1, you have just posted the most exqusite rant just this side of demented rage. You should be a sportscaster or the Speaker of the House. Salud!”
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The Surge in Absurdity

Commented Aug 23, 2007 at 02:00:47 in Politics

“Thanks for more information about the dynamics being played out in al Anbar Province. We can always smell the rat when Bush speaks but do not always know all of the aspects of its DNA.
Shamelessly, yet again, shamelessly, our bumbling commander in chief goes before veterans on this day, attempting to resell his historically tragic blundering invasion into the middle of the Arabian Peninsula by misrepresenting what is happening in al Anbar Province. So totally predictable. So totally and predictably hypocritical.
Today, as he stood before those veterans he added another element to his usual mischaracterization of everything having to do with the Iraq war. He crassly attempted to invoke hippy hatred by claiming that the Vietnam War would have had a different outcome if we in the peace community had not opposed it. After years of refuting a comparison to that Asian blunder of huge proportions because it too was a morass of death and futility, he brazenly and falsely draws a comparison for his own unethical purpose of demonizing another group of people, the peace activists in his own country.
Can Bush use gross misrepresentation of the situation in al Anbar and demonization of the peace community in his own country to sell us his reformulated snake oil? The only thing that will slow him down is bloggers on the internet where the truth resides.”
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The News is Nuts

Commented Aug 22, 2007 at 01:24:05 in Media

“The story is that Bush is fighting congress and is in contempt of congress, but it is congress, it is not the democrats. Why even republicans don't trust this president and are joining a bi-partisan effort to force their own commander-in-chief to come clean is not dramatic enough for Wolf I do not know. The story behind the story is that the Bush Administration has been involved in so much skullduggery out of the eye of the public that he will fight to the last to keep congress from getting one shred of evidence out of the executive as to exactly how deep the doodoo is.
One would think from the way Wolf presents the story that he is on the Bush propaganda team, presenting democrats as investigation mad and going after the president, spoiling for a fight just for the hell of it. Bush and his few still loyal lackeys love Wolf's story.
Wolf and the "Situation Room" circus atmosphere is part of the reason Americans are so ill informed. And an ill-informed electorate is very, very bad for democracy.”
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The Transformation of the Vice Presidency

Commented Aug 20, 2007 at 02:55:43 in Politics

“It is a bit unreasonable to expect the framers of a constitution creating the revolutionary concept that is the United States of America to have forseen a constitutional crisis that is named Dick Cheney.
For Cheney is just that. He has not precipitated a constitutional crisis so as much as he is one, from the time he arrogantly and illegally chose himself as a Vice-Presidential candidate through the outcomes of two elections of extremely questionable legality to our present deplorable condition of endless war, unprecedented secrecy in government juxtaposed with unprecedented lack of privacy and destruction of constitutional freedoms for individual citizens, of the recreation of an imperial presidency we thought dead with the resignation of Richard Nixon. Cheney, a far stronger force than his supposed boss, the stumbling, bumbling, intellectually incurious son of privilege, George Bush, has presided over the near destruction of the constitution with the radical restructuring of power in Washington using the unethical skills of Karl Rove to trivialize democratic institutions and turn them into political arms of the White House. The man appears to be mentally unbalanced and obsessed with power to the exclusion of respect for and understanding of constitutional government.
Whether it is possible to undo some of the damage done by Dick Cheney is yet to be seen. It would take a strong,intelligent and aware president and an ethical and responsible, not to mention mentally balanced vice president, a strong legislative branch and a judicial branch composed of qualified and reasonably uncorruptible justices. It will also take an intelligent, educated and sophisticated electorate.
Alot to hope for, but what a democracy needs to survive. For there is no democracy without balance of power between the branches of government. And certainly the office of vice president cannot function as the power center in a democracy. It is not just a matter of the vice presidency evolving to a certain state. It has been recreated and in that recreation it is a clear and present danger to our democratic republic.”
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What Karl Rove REALLY Had in Mind for a "Permanent Republican Majority"

Commented Aug 20, 2007 at 00:46:33 in Politics

“An excellent catalogue of Karl's nefarious accomplishments. Initially, I believed that he could not possibly be leaving the power structure he created without some plan for rescuing it from its apparent imminent collapse by going underground (a dirty and dark place where he is most comfortable) and working to savage and destroy whichever democrat wins the nomination for president. But, more and more I am inclined to give credence to the idea that he simply does not want to be there when the house that corruption and dirty tricks built implodes. I believe that he, like the tool he used to achieve the power he craved, has no moral core and would not hesitate skip out on his Frankenbush creation before the nasty really hits the fan. He may feel that even he, in his own mind the super political operative, cannot stop or spin/twist the truth emerging on multiple fronts about the crimes of the Bush administration. That maybe he feels he cannot stuff democracy back into the crass, political expediency bag once it escapes from it.
Of course, he may be wrong in this also, as he was in his predictions of republican victories in 2006. Perhaps, even though he is after all essentially just an unethical political hack with some luck, he has been successful enough at destroying democracy that genuine dedicated patriots will not be able to save it.”
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Spitzer Spits

Commented Aug 9, 2007 at 10:05:10 in Politics

“Brilliantly written. Telling the truth for a politician, however and unfortunately, does not seem to work. It won't get past the lamestream media filter. Dennis Kucinich tells it like it is all the time. People seem to like it. But, he has not been annointed by CNN, MSNBC or by the broadcast news services. And of course not by Faux News. All the talk is about the front runners, Hillary, Barack and John and I suppose the front runner on the republican side, "None of the Above".”