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SinVin's Comments

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Sulfites Added to Wine: The Reason You Get a Hangover?

Sulfites Added to Wine: The Reason You Get a Hangover?

Commented Feb 8, 2013 at 19:33:33 in Taste

“Part 2

Unfortunately, you used my quotes out of context. I am not a supporter of the use of synthetic chemicals in the winegrowing or the winemaking process. I believe in purity. However, I also believe a wine drinker would prefer a sound wine that will age gracefully and not an oxidized, tired wine. It is difficult to produce delicate white wines and pinot noir without some sulfites. All of the quotes you used of mine were not addressing sulfites in particular but about the contradictions within the "Natural Wine" movement and the fact that every choice we make as winegrowers and winemakers is an intervention. I also state that "RSV has a point of view that you husband, nurture and elevate, but not alter, in pursuit of a naturally pure wine of character."


Rob Sinskey”
Sulfites Added to Wine: The Reason You Get a Hangover?

Sulfites Added to Wine: The Reason You Get a Hangover?

Commented Feb 8, 2013 at 19:32:46 in Taste

“I thought I was addressing the concept of "natural" wine. I think I would have addressed things differently had I known the subject was sulfites.

Most people have a histamine reaction to red wine and confuse that with a sulfite reaction. Histamine comes from tannin and that has nothing to do with chemical additions. You also don't mention that sulfites are a natural by product of the fermentation process. This is important so people understand that it is a natural part of wine. It can occur naturally at levels up to 100ppm (that is parts per million) and not have to be labelled as having sulfites. However, if it is added and only has 75PPM it needs to go on a label... an odd contradiction.

I am sulfite sensitive which usually presents as asthma symptoms. I have no problems with wines that have less than 100PPM sulfites. All of our wines are under the 100ppm threshold. Sulfur is also allowed in the vineyards when it is a mined mineral and not a synthetic compound. Organic is about the non-use of synthetics. Tannin can be considered a preservative, but it is natural. Sulfur is a mineral that was discovered to be a natural preservative in 1487. I do not know why it would be considered a modern invention. cont...”

David in Dallas on Feb 9, 2013 at 11:23:15

“I've often told friends who claim that red wine gives them a headache that they should take a Benadryl 30 minutes before consuming their wine.”