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A Passionate Plea For Home Cooking

Commented Nov 18, 2011 at 12:34:08 in Taste

“I absolutely love this book! I did a review on my blog ( John Besh's book My Family Table -A Passionate Plea for Home Cooking is the perfect book to bring a busy family back to the table for meals. As a home cook you can find a cookbook on almost any type of food, technique, or by almost any chef. We buy books because we find a recipe that catches our eye, we want to try a new technique or style of cooking, or we are a fan of the celebrity chef gracing the cover. Then life gets busy and we look for what is fast, easy and the family will eat. I am guilty of having celebrity chefs gracing the cover of some of my cookbooks, but none of them are books I have enjoyed more than My Family Table and Besh's previous book My New Orleans

Read my entire review and experiences with Chef Besh's recipes at: