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Street Harassment is Everywhere; What do We Tell Our Daughters?

Commented Nov 3, 2011 at 00:29:25 in Women

“Involve your girls in grappling sports such as wrestling, judo and jiu-jitsu at an early age. They will learn that good technique can often overcome both size and strength. The girls at our kids' wrestling club quickly overcome their anxiety over wrestling boys when they find that they can actually control the situation!

This benefits the boys as well, who learn in a hurry that the girls are formidable opponents who bring an extra measure of drive and determination to each match. There are actually boys in our club who don't want to wrestle the girls because they get their ass handed to them by the girls every time. You can be sure that these boys won't grow up to assume that girls are in any way inferior to them!

The ground game is most important for girls, who stand a very real chance of coming across a boy who won't take no for an answer. Under these circumstances, the boy is already in the girl's trusted zone, as they are probably laying around kissing. This means that the battle actually STARTS on the ground, with the girl on her back.

Build a girls' confidence and mental toughness, and you automatically decrease her chances of falling victim to this harassment.”
Between Two F-Words: Fathering and Feminism

Between Two F-Words: Fathering and Feminism

Commented Apr 4, 2011 at 22:37:22 in Healthy Living

“Unfortunately, it seems that it is almost exclusively men who are against it, as well as even girls wrestling in the primary and high school years. Oddly, many of these men who oppose womens' involvment are otherwise very devoted MMA fans. This strikes me as strange, as the womens fights that I have seen are as exciting and technical as any of the mens fights I have watched, and my involvment as an MMA fan goes all the way back to the "birth" of MMA at UFC1 back in 1993.

I suspect that many of the opponents of womens' involvment in "combat" sports stems from some preconceived notions of women and their role in defending themselves and their families. I suspect that the men who are against women's MMA view themselves as the protector and defender, and can't bear the thought that their woman (or any others) might be able to handle those duties themselves.

The sad fact is that even these defender/protector men can't be there 24/7/365 to protect against any potential confilct, and therefore it is critical (in my estimation) that women, all women, learn to defend themselves. Achieving this goal will require a broadening of the definition of "girly" to include assertiveness and even a calculated use of violence when warranted, but once this is a part of our cultural fabric, our society as a whole will be stronger and safer for it.”