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Have Alaska's Republicans Gone Mad?

Commented Aug 28, 2010 at 17:26:58 in Politics

“We haven't gone mad, we are mad. I know it is a strange belief to liberals (sorry progressives even they can't admit to being what they are) that someone would want a smaller government and not have their money taken and given to those that didn't earn it. If could had voted to have someone like Pollosi removed I would have. I tell you what, if you can give me a convincing explanation why my taxes should continue to raise to pay for programs that I don't believe is the governments place to fund, I'll happily change my views. BTW for those who didn't realize it, if you have medical insurance though your employer, starting January 1 that is a taxable benefit. Don't you feel patriotic now? The reason I didn't vote for Lisa is her introduction of a cap and trade bill.

While I'm asking questions, can someone tell me how Obama as a public servant for most of his career become a Millionaire? Even as president he only makes what 200,000?”