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Sundaybell's Comments

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10 Most Hated Industries In America: Gallup

10 Most Hated Industries In America: Gallup

Commented Sep 3, 2011 at 11:17:51 in Business

“#11 The Real Estate Industry. It's tough to pay commissions in a down market. And in turn, somebody has to be blamed. Most would say that its the deregulation and greed of the finance industry that's the real culprit here, but the Realtor is face to face with the consumer so they get the beating regardless.

Realtors and consumers alike need to work together through this market...and not like the Democrats and the Republicans. Sundaybell is all about real estate and mutual respect to the home owner/buyer and the Realtor to make concessions and get the job done in a professional manner instead of higher costs or taking a big risk of selling yourself.


pepper1311 on Sep 21, 2011 at 10:35:59

“Commission are negotiable as are most things.”

Davi Car on Sep 4, 2011 at 17:04:34

“Realtors absolutely deserve a large chunk of the blame for the housing market collapse. I remember hearing, about a year before the crash, a group of realtors talking about the coming foreclosure crisis, when the interest rates on lots of mortgages would be recalculated, and families would no longer be able to pay. They said they knew this was coming, even though it had not yet been recognized by the general public. They knew full well what they were doing. I talked to a realtor who said he felt weird about showing nice houses to families where both parents were on the level of nighttime office cleaners. He knew they could not really afford the houses he himself was showing them, because he knew they would be able to make the deal and the commission would be his. Realtors absolutely bear a great deal of the guilt for this. They knew what they were doing.”
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Getting Real With the New Rules of Real Estate

Commented Aug 25, 2011 at 21:01:59 in New York

“The market is pretty much as bad as it can get. Consumer confidence will boom as soon as the presidential race picks up. No one wins votes by promoting gloom, but instead, they will push change and give people a reason to be positive and matter which party you belong too.

As an example, consumers were too shocked by media and waited way to long to buy stock (too many examples to list) when Wall St crashed and ended up missing the prime opportunities to buy when they should have. Real Estate, though very different, will be very similar. The prices are currently low and you'll make a good investment just as long as you know the market upon which your buying the homework and look into your desired area of interest. Take a look at the past history of what happened in that area during past recessions to help get a better idea of how they sank then rebounded. This is a very good reason why you should hire a seasoned professional in the area your interested in to do the work for you, and let you know where the real opportunities are.

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When Will Real Estate Recover?

Commented Aug 14, 2011 at 15:49:27 in Business

“Good article Natalie. The market is going to go up slowly so buying at this time would be a good investment opportunity. But always get a professional opinion on where you should be looking and for how much. Real estate professionals are the pro's of all neighborhoods. So do you homework, interview the best people and more forward from there. And also check out your options when buying a property. In fact, I read an article from the Department of Justice that tells consumers where you can ask for buyer rebates when closing a property. Learn all your options. And lots of great tips in this article.

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Contracts to buy homes rose for second month in June but housing market remains weak

Commented Aug 1, 2011 at 16:06:04 in Canada Business

“With a slow and weakening economy it only makes sense to know all your options when your negotiating either a sale or a purchase of a home.”
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Memo to First Time Buyers: How to Avoid Closing Cost Sticker Shock

Commented Jun 29, 2011 at 13:34:00 in New York

“There are so many resources available online to help first time home buyers and sellers. For starters they should start by seeking the assistance of a professional realtor who can both answer your questions or refer you to the people who can. There's specific material at Sundaybell that addresses these issues and many more including being able to negotiate real estate services and commissions with licensed agents which can greatly reduce your closing costs.”
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Is Your Realtor the Enemy?

Commented Apr 15, 2011 at 18:36:55 in Los Angeles

“Great article Nick. Real Estate agents are a great value to any buyer/seller just as long as their intentions are honest and they work in the best interests of their clients. With the internet today things are changing rapidly so their market is always changing...its a very high paced challenging career. Most of the business is based on referrals, advertising and competing with other agents. Its a tough job and if they're a true professional....they'll pay you back in dividends.”