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Andy Cohen: 'Real Housewives' Not Responsible For Russell Armstrong Suicide

Andy Cohen: 'Real Housewives' Not Responsible For Russell Armstrong Suicide

Commented May 11, 2012 at 16:27:05 in TV

“My sympathy lies with Taylor and her daughter. This woman was a battered shell ready to crack and I can see clearly how she thought "If the cameras are present he won't hit me. " However, at some point the cameras stopped rolling and he continued to abuse her. He was mortified that it became clear what kind of man he actually was and for the world to see. I think that's why he commited suicide. The spot light exposed his dirty little secret and he was unable to hide .”
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Two Sick Puppies Walk To Human Hospital, Wait In Lobby (VIDEO)

Commented Feb 10, 2012 at 04:08:42 in Green

“You get a gold star and a cookie for pulling a 50 cent S.A.T vocabulary word out of your back pocket. YAYYYYYYY!! However, we're going to fine you $50 for being a drip. LOL
The puppies are adorable and I'm glad they got the help they needed.”
Kim Kardashian Divorce: Will Trial Be Televised?

Kim Kardashian Divorce: Will Trial Be Televised?

Commented Feb 6, 2012 at 12:36:59 in Divorce

“Personally I think everyone saw that Kris and Kim were not a good match. Her family could see how his rough housing and insulting comments were going to eventually be a problem. Kim like many women excused and looked over these things because she was desperate to be in a relationship. Everyone knew it wasn't gonna be "cute" for long. I believe she knew (before the wedding) deep in her heart it was not going to work. Let us not forget by this time contracts had been signed and I'm sure millions of dollars in advertising had been sold by E for the event. It was going to get crazy ratings. Kim would have been sued for breach of contract if she had not followed thru with this wedding. With that kind of pressure I think she felt she had no choice but to go thru with it and hopefully things would get better. They didn't and finally enough was enough. She wasn't happy and she got out. People want to hate this woman and paint her in the worst possible light. Simply turn the channel. They just did not gel as a couple. Unfortunately they are living their lives for the cameras and it is big business. I think this was a case of the tv show and the legalitities forcing her to proceed in a marriage she knew would fail.”