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Crazy Train Headed Off the Rails Over Birth Control

Crazy Train Headed Off the Rails Over Birth Control

Commented Feb 22, 2012 at 10:34:01 in Politics

“There is a simple way to solve this: Keep the wall between church and state, keep the Bishops happy, assure birth control as a covered service to all women who want it. How? Get employers out of the health insurance business. Give every American a Medicare card at birth. Lots simpler, lots cheaper.”
John McCain's Health Care Adviser:

John McCain's Health Care Adviser: "There Are No Uninsured."

Commented Sep 6, 2008 at 23:12:49 in Politics

“I hope people will listen to the health care professionals who are posting above instead of Mr. Goodman whose ignorance is only matched by his terrible economics. I work in a big city academic health system and Level 3 trauma center. We have to take all comers. We are on diversion for hundreds of hours every month because our ER is clogged with people who have "ambulatory care sensitive diagnoses". What that means is they have no other place to go to get care (and usually they are uninsured). We are struggling to come up with the resources and infrastructure to to move these patients to a more appropriate level of care so that when you get hit by a truck on I-95 our surgical team can save your life instead of diverting you to a less prepared institution because we are busy taking care of the non existent unisured. Mr. Goodman does not deserve to be taken serioulsy for another minute.”