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What Buddha Might Say To George Bush (And Us)

What Buddha Might Say To George Bush (And Us)

Commented Jan 9, 2009 at 00:35:20 in Healthy Living

“I agree that forgiveness is an important part of our healing process, and I admit that I'd been angry and frustrated with the administration since we invaded Iraq. I like the idea that we forgive the ignorance, not the act. Watching Oliver Stone's "W" last night actually brought me a closer to forgiveness. It is a dramatized work of fiction, but I believe there are enough elements of truth in it that made Bush a real person to me. One of the thing that's hard to fathom is that even villains often think they are doing things with the best of intentions. Realizing that good intentions were behind the bad results makes Bush a tragic (in the literary sense of the word) figure in our history, which helps me heal and have forgiveness.

I disagree that we are all responsible for the actions of those in power, though. I didn't vote for that administration in either election, and I have voiced my disagreement with many of their actions, especially during the last 6 years. Please don't get me wrong... I believe that we all need to demonstrate personal responsibility and take ownership of both our successes and mistakes.

I am proud of us for electing Barack Obama as President and in doing so, refuting the politics of hate- and fearmongering. I am also happy to be able to participate in a community in which we can "disagree without being disagreeable..." one of my favorite Obama quotes.”
Conspiracy of Silence: Wage Collapse Caused Crisis

Conspiracy of Silence: Wage Collapse Caused Crisis

Commented Jan 6, 2009 at 23:09:29 in Business

“Thank you for giving voice to this issue, and the graph really does hit you in the gut with how productivity and wages have diverged. My one question regarding the graph is whether it is measuring gross wages, or net pay when it comes to hourly compensation?

I also wonder what the graph would look like if you could tweak it somehow to show the cost of living as compared to wages and productivity during the same time period?

Being one of those corporate workers mentioned in a previous comment, I think that the stagnation of wages combined with cost of living increases personally impacted workers like me tremendously: My health insurance costs alone for my family have me taking home less money today than I did pre-9/11, even though my salary has modestly increased during that time period. So while on paper I make more money than I did 8 years ago, the real impact to my pocket book has been the exact opposite. Today I haven't really any spending money each month... It all goes to pay the bills and feed and clothe my family... and I don't have an extravagant life style as evidenced by our two more than 10 year-old cars and only a $200 limit credit card.”