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Mary Mary Talks Babies, Breaking Up, Work-Life Balance

Mary Mary Talks Babies, Breaking Up, Work-Life Balance

Commented Jun 7, 2013 at 00:18:42 in Black Voices

“I don't think the sisters of MaryMary should breakup they should continue working together and make some days spending time together with their families or just go to the spa with their sisters and have a good day i don't think no one would like to see MaryMary separate they have lots of fans that wants to see them together and sing and make a living out of their life and to look back and see what they made in their hometown in California and see other places they have travel too to see what life they have given to families to get back together and have a relationship with each other so I'm just saying MaryMary y'all should not break up just do what u got to do and keep y'all path, life, family, and track your work ahead and stand beside King Jesus so he can show y'all the way of life to stay together. God Bless: Love, Teisha Spicer”