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Adam Lanza Shooting Renews Debate Over Video Game Violence Among Politicians And Gamers

Adam Lanza Shooting Renews Debate Over Video Game Violence Among Politicians And Gamers

Commented Dec 20, 2012 at 21:14:51 in Technology

“To say that video games are the cause to this tragedy is to simply pin it on a media source for no other reason than political bias. The truth is that there are hundreds of millions of gamers world wide who regularly play such games, and I am certain a fair amount of them may have various disorders from social to mental.

The way this is brought up however, and I am reminded of the rantings of Jack Thompson, is that video games are going to put the guns in our children's hands and send them to the streets, schools, and businesses of the world en masse for a reckoning. The truth however is that tragedies such as this happen, and no amount of removal of media, be it metal music of before my generation, the violent movies of my early youth, or the violent video games of today, will remove that fact.

People have been committing random atrocious acts as far back as can be remembered, Jack the Ripper for example, and rather than accept this fact we look for blame. And we listen as those with personal or professional bias spew there slander against the media of today, and we nod our heads as we listen because it is easier to imagine that something such as this corrupted the kid rather than accepting the fact that sometimes people just come unhinged.

We as a country need to stop pointing the finger, and just accept these things happen”