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Terry Campbell's Comments

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Obama's First Betrayal?

Commented Jan 21, 2009 at 14:03:12 in Politics

“The first thing President Obama needs to do is to appoint a new Peace Corps Director. Many of us had hoped that Caroline Kennedy would take the position, but that doesn't seem to be a likely scenario. Someone needs to step up, to be that new voice, to reach out the way JFK did when he ran for President in 1960, or the way former Director Loret Ruppe reached out in the mid eighties at the height of the African Drought when she wanted to put 10,000 volunteers in the field. I wonder how much President Obama really knows about us. I think if he did he would realize that an expanded Peace Corps is our best foreign policy. What is the American character? Who are we as Americans? People around the world want to know.
Terry Campbell
Tanzania 1985-87 Dominican Republic 1989-92
Crisis Corps El Salvador 2001-02 Hurrican Rita 2005”