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Theresa H's Comments

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Christmas Past With My Ex, French Edition

Christmas Past With My Ex, French Edition

Commented Dec 16, 2010 at 13:38:28 in Divorce

“I would like to politely point out that your view of Tourette's Syndrome is seriously flawed. You (like many others) associate the neurological disorder ONLY with the cursing tic. I would like to inform you that only 10% of Tourette's sufferers ever have this particular tic. Most of the people with Tourette's are indistinguisable from other people on the street. So you are perpetuating a sterotype that is offensive and misinformed -- particularly to those of us that have the disorder.”

hp blogger Claudia Lonow on Dec 16, 2010 at 18:55:19

“i'm very sorry, and your polite tone is delightful. it must not be pleasant to have an affliction that is used for comedic effect by people who don't suffer from the affliction. i also did some cutting for length and took out the part about how handsome he was. he looked and dressed like a young marcello mastroanni. i'm very sorry, and will think more next time.”