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Tony Cochran's Comments

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Birth Certificate One Week, Death Certificate the Next

Commented May 4, 2011 at 18:01:25 in Politics

“Thank you so much for this refreshing counter-narrative to all of the Imperial flag-humping. Indeed, this was a political assassination committed during an illegal invasion deep within a sovereign nation. I am disgusted with my fellow americans and the so-called leaders of this nation who think we can go blowing up whatever we want whenever we want.

I wrote a funny piece of a reverse situation here:¬e_id=10150166873626160#!/notes/tony-cochran/george-w-bush-shot-dead-at-crawford-ranch/10150166873626160”

exhale09 on May 5, 2011 at 09:43:11

“It is true that the US Government has engaged policies in the middle east that have created many enemies for us. Much of the US Government's middle east "involvement" has been on behalf of big Oil "Corporations" and yes, the US Government has done much to create havoc in middle eastern countries, through wars and propping up dictators for OIL, and turning a blind eye to what those dictators have done to the everyday people's lives in those countries.
I'm under no illusions about the things our Government has done in the middle east on behalf of Oil Corporations that has created enemies for the US.

For decades, most everyday American people have been unaware of or uneducated about the reality of what our "Government" was actually doing. We were always given nice patriotic "national security" explanation to justify it, and to rally around, which usually did not include the words "Oil" or "Oil Corporations"

But, Bin Laden "targeted and murdered" innocent every day people. I don't care what his "reasons" are, or what our "so-called leaders" have or haven't done.
That's cold blooded murder and monstrous, and he threatened innocent people with his intentions to do it again and again, videos.

I take that "personally" Next time it could be my family or yours that he murders. You see it as a "political assassination" I see his death as "self defense" and I'm relieved that he and his intent to murder are dead, thanks to the present Administration.”