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Davis Guggenheim Advocates For Immigration Reform With 'The Dream Is Now' Website And Documentary (VIDEO)

Davis Guggenheim Advocates For Immigration Reform With 'The Dream Is Now' Website And Documentary (VIDEO)

Commented Feb 20, 2013 at 15:37:08 in Latino Voices

“If you are interested in this, you should watch this live webcast tomorrow at 4pm:
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Is Puerto Rico the Next Egypt? (PHOTOS)

Commented Feb 18, 2011 at 16:47:59 in World

“OMG, you need to go to Cuba and see how awful people have it there. I don't think its time to become neither independent nor state, because we are in such deep economic hole that none of those are a solution!! Focus first in solving the economic situation and then think about political status. y si quieres dejar de ser colonia deja de hablar ingles mijo y habla Boricua, you can also renounce your US citizen status.”
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Is Puerto Rico the Next Egypt? (PHOTOS)

Commented Feb 18, 2011 at 16:42:41 in World

“Hey, I am not a fan of Fortuño either but what do you expect from a Republican ultra conservative dealing with a bunch of Socialists wannabes? I just think is funny how people who advocate for socialism are the ones fortunate enough to have never experienced it... Anyways, as I said in my post I think this is an ideological war and of course I blame Fortuño too (I said he is part of the soap opera...). But Students do provoke cops who are already ready to beat the life out of them. I had the unfortunate experience of hearing a neighbor say "I can't wait to go to the UPR and beat some students up". I had to report this guy! but you just have to go to youtube to see how students yell at cops, cucándolos, because they want to be "brave" and they want to demonstrate they can go far for their cause. I also heard a student calling an "ignorant jibaro de campo" to a cop, this of course feeds the hatred.. Police is brutal yeah, that's why they put them there!! and YES, the cost of this issue has gone well beyond whatever "benefit" the $800 was going to be, that have actually spent more than $150 million and YES he wants to privatize the university!! Did you read me well? or did you just looked at the part in which I criticize students?”

lmunoz on Feb 19, 2011 at 01:06:20

“But also I agree that its sad that they insult the policemen, to me its a sad spectacle just dont blame the students, they have made mistakes but if not for them who would defend the university, it probably would not have been you or me. They have a lot to learn some of them are even wrong in their methods but they are up against a really repressive government not just with students but with all kinds of protests, like the protests in the capitol last year in which women and children were persecuted with baton's following the senate president orders if not fortaleza's orders. They closed the frigging capitol building to the press and opposition for god sakes! What more do you need before recognizing this as fascist? The police get to decide from where the press covers their actions and they setup "perimeters" so as to limit their view and prevent coverage of the beatings and mistreatment, and out of all this we really want to just "blame it on the socialist students"? They are 20 year olds! of course they make mistakes! On the other side is the state with its "professional" paramilitary riot control police unit full of body armor, tear gass, rubber bullets, pepper spray, pepper gas, helmets, batons, guns etc etc. So in truth to some degree even the regular police are victims of the governments policy of oppresion and violence that puts this two groups in a standoff nobody should want tosee.”

lmunoz on Feb 19, 2011 at 00:58:08

“Yes I read you well, and just like you begin this posting describing the students as a bunch of socialist wanabees I disagree with you again. So what if some of them are socialist wanabees, I can tell you for sure its not all of them and what is wrong to be a socialist anyway, its a far cry from being a communist which is also a belief you are entitled to under the constitution. Socialist doesnt mean china and cuba, it can mean Canada, France, England, Sweeden, all these countries are "socialist" countries and have very good economies especially Germany and Canada weathered the economic recession better than US because of their better market regulation of banks.
Yes, its true you did point to both sides but some of the central points you make I dont think are accurate and doesnt your admission of the ultimate cost of the repression validate the view that this has all been but a political hit on the PNP's archenemy, the scary University Students with their intellectual "socialist" ideas?
I have been to campus recently as a visitor and the police presence was hard to bear, it looked like you were entering some military zone almost, do you not expect tensions to get worse after so many people have been beaten, some just because they happened to be walking somewhere and were not even part of the strike? Of course they shout, I can understand because their presence there feels simply wrong.”
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Is Puerto Rico the Next Egypt? (PHOTOS)

Commented Feb 18, 2011 at 16:23:12 in World

“The you should be careful choosing misleading titles.”
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Is Puerto Rico the Next Egypt? (PHOTOS)

Commented Feb 18, 2011 at 16:13:58 in World

“Find me the data.”
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Is Puerto Rico the Next Egypt? (PHOTOS)

Commented Feb 15, 2011 at 15:48:28 in World

“Puerto Rico is NOTHING like Egypt! 1. Egypt had an awful dictator for 30 years and 2. the UPR protest does NOT have the support of the majority of the students in campus, even more have no support of the Puerto Rican population. I was a student at the UPR and was there last time it closed the gates for another issue. I do know for a fact that students in the protest like to provoke the police and I know of all the internal situations that occur among the protesters (I have word-evidence of one student stabbing another in the last protest). The governor is part of this soap opera too, he drives his decisions by ideology and if students keep behaving like this he will get what he wants and that is privatizing the university and sending thousands of kids back home without an education. People, Puerto Rico is in high deficit, students of course do not have to pay for the irresponsible behavior of the school administration but it was to keep the students happy that the administration kept digging a bigger hole of debt. Students should start protesting peacefully without vandalizing the university or bothering the MAYORITY of students who DO NOT want to join the protest. Fortuño needs to sit down and talk about this, taking ideologies aside. And you people should stop asking for a sovereign state, with a 30% unemployment and 300,000 billion in deficit that will not be a pretty picture.”

lmunoz on Feb 16, 2011 at 04:52:28

“Your posting is full of misinformation. true about the difference between egypt and PR though they are not to be compared. Totally different situations.
The police provoke students and begin confrontations all the time as happened last week, Al Jazeera was there to cover it and if you see the video their reporter claims she was also hit by police.
There have been a couple of isolated incidents of vandalism some of which are not confirmed to have been students and as in any university you cant expect not to find a couple of radical idiots but to characterize the student movement as such is simply untrue.
Furthermore it is clear that you are mixing political anti-independent sentiment with the problems facing the UPR. The UPR was de-funded very clevelry by our ideologically driven republican governor to the tune of almost 300 million dollars, That is why there is a "crisis" in the university.
The costs that the university is incurring by maintaining the police (yes the university has to pay the overtime salaries for policemen, nice gig) and their publicly funded advertising campaing against the student movement is already in the many millions of dollars and will soon cost them more than the $800 fee that was imposed is supposed to raise. This shows that this whole issue was in fact an ideologically driven attack with the view to beginning the road to privatization of this 100 year old institution.”

hp blogger Limari Colon on Feb 16, 2011 at 00:00:23

“I strongly disagree with you. Go to the UPR's main gate and read Fortuño's words written in a big white sign. Those words were Hitler's exact same words, who was also a dictator, just as Mubarak. I was making a methaporic comparison, not a literal one and do not have to justify that to any reader. You, the recipients of the messager, have the right to understand/interpret it as you will. I, the writer, may choose whichever terms/metaphors go according my beliefs. Thank you for reading and commenting.”

Claryssa Correa on Feb 15, 2011 at 19:03:58

“Some of your sources are correct. Others, like the majority of the students and the population does not support the protest is not correct.”