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'NoHomophobes' Website Measures Use Of Homophobic Language On Twitter

'NoHomophobes' Website Measures Use Of Homophobic Language On Twitter

Commented Sep 29, 2012 at 15:41:59 in Gay Voices

“A whole lot of ethnocentrism in this site, and these comments. The concept that we should stream a Twitter feed through an English filter shows that the creators of this site didn't even consider other languages that may be in play. For instance, an individual may post something in their mother language, and thanks to the English definition of a website, that individual - without name or handle censors - is portrayed as a homophobe. As these words have anything but homophobic meanings in other languages, this creates an issue.

Shame on you, Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services. Apply rational thought before publicly shaming individuals whose only crime is not speaking your language.”