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Groupon, Boycotted By National Anti-Pornography Group

Groupon, Boycotted By National Anti-Pornography Group

Commented Apr 26, 2012 at 03:55:17 in San Francisco

“So, I noticed how WOIP focussed on how women are degraded and abused by I clicked the link provided in this article to see what it is they are up in arms about. It's funny that WOIP didn't say anything about the women degrading and abusing men, women degrading and abusing other women, men degrading and abusing other men, or transgendereds participating in degradation and abuse of others. It seems like WOIP is just a little biased in who they are choosing to "protect" here.

I like my sex a little kinky. Sometimes, I let my husband bind and whip me. Sometimes, I bind and whip him. Nothing is done to me without my willing participation and consent. While I do not produce videos of these activities or watch videos of similar activiites, I have no problem with others who willinging and consensually choose to do so. I really don't need WOIP or any other group telling me what I can and cannot do in my bedroom or what I can or cannot watch. I am an adult capable of making my own choices.

I'm concerned about why WOIP is choosing this battle. They claim to be against illegal pornography. is a legitimate business with proper licensing to operate their business in San Fransico. Illegal pornography is that which is produced without the participant's knowledge or consent. I think WOIP either needs to change their name or stick to waging war on truly illegal porn.”