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Wendy Luckenbill's Comments

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huffingtonpost entry

School-To-Prison Pipeline Targeted By Judges, Education Officials

Commented Mar 14, 2012 at 14:00:35 in Education

“There’s a quote at the end of this article which reinforces a simplistic interpretation of the cause for youth engaging in problem behavior. And in doing so, it reduces a whole group of people- families living in poverty- to a single deficient based view

Quote-"According to Edwards, making sure students are educated and not incarcerated is about ending a cycle of poverty. 'They've been so negatively socialized from grandma to mom…If the only thing your mama can teach you is to steal from the mall, that's what she teaches you,' "

I assert that families in poverty do teach their children to dream, and socialize them to ethical behaviors.

It is unjust to dismiss a group of people based on the deficits of some. Poverty is not a an exclusive determinant of poor parenting.

It is clear that the justice system needs to move away from Parens Patriae (State as Parent) and to a collaborative model that builds on family strengths using a respectful, balanced and restorative approach. While we acknowledge families may bring complex histories and problems to the system, this does not prohibit the system from being responsible to welcome them into the process. Here are 2 resources which have begun to move the system towards this system sea change.

Wendy Luckenbill
Child Policy Coordinator
Mental Health Association in PA
<em>Mad Men</em> Recap: A Cinderella Story

Mad Men Recap: A Cinderella Story

Commented Apr 10, 2012 at 06:08:41 in TV

“Great recap. Re: Sally's pill...hope she is still alive! Before Benzos like Valium, downer use was not only addictive, it was lethal. Garland, Hendrix, Ed ven Chevalier left us on red devils, still a drug of choice for physician assisted suicide. Sally is now poised for a troubled adolescence taking drugs, seeking her father TVwhile dressing in frilly nities like her mom (cotton nities were the norm for girls, not frilly baby dolls), and starving herself. She's a child embodiment of Valley of the of those tunes.”