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WestSeattleDan's Comments

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Taking a Classroom Leap of Faith: Teacher Embraces New Roles

Commented Jul 28, 2012 at 16:42:46 in Education

“New Tech Schools are serious under performers in Mathematics

New Tech Sacramento

Algebra II
0% advanced, 2% proficient, 20% basic, 45% below basic, 33% far below basic
New Tech NAPA

Algebra II
0% Advanced, 7% Proficient, 18% Basic, 39% Below Basic, 35% Far Below Basic

Napa High School

Algebra II
7% Advanced, 19% Proficient, 36% Basic, 23% Below Basic, 15% Far Below Basic

Napa Highs results are far better than New Tech Napa... even though Napa HS is less socio-economically advantaged than New Tech Napa.

Kirchner, Sweller, and Clark wrote a paper explaining:
Why Minimally Guided Instruction does not Work.

New Tech demonstrates at a variety of locations minimal guidance does not work in mathematics. Readers may consult John Hattie's "Visible Learning" for effect sizes of practices shown to be far more effective than those used at New Tech Schools.

a. Direct Instruction (0.59).
b. Problem Solving teaching (0.61),
c. Mastery Learning (0.58), and
d. Worked Examples (0.57).

Danaher M. Dempsey, Jr.
WA State Board of Education Math Advisor Panelist.”

hp blogger Lydia Dobyns on Aug 9, 2012 at 18:50:25

“WestSeattleDan brings up a valid point. Some schools in the New Tech Network struggle to demonstrate positive results on traditional tests of math skills. WestSeattleDan mentions two schools out of the 80+ schools within the New Tech Network last year. New Tech schools outperform nearby schools with comparable student populations 59% of the time on standardized state assessments in math.

WestSeattleDan also fails to mention that schools within the New Tech Network focus on project-based learning where students apply mathematical reasoning to solve real-world problems rather than solve arbitrary skill and drill equations so often used in traditional assessments. New Tech Network believes deeper learning skills (developed through project-based learning) lead to better long-term outcomes for students. The two schools for which Dan provides data demonstrated strong results on a nationally normed assessment of deeper learning skills including analytical reasoning and problem solving. The seniors at both schools are performing above expected levels when compared to other seniors and college freshman nationally. Sacramento New Tech High School’s seniors rank in the 99th percentile on deeper learning skills when compared to college freshman. New Tech Network believes this type of assessment is more valuable when considering long-term outcomes for students. In fact, both schools had 4-year cohort graduation rates that exceed the district in which they are located.”
huffingtonpost entry

Taking a Classroom Leap of Faith: Teacher Embraces New Roles

Commented Jul 28, 2012 at 15:55:24 in Education

“To improve a system requires the intelligent application of relevant data... New Tech Schools are serious under performers in mathematics. Look at end of course testing in Algebra, Algebra II, and Geometry at the California DOE and compare New Tech Napa with Napa High School... despite far more favorable student demographics New Tech serious lags behind Napa HS. ... New Tech Sacramento is a serious under perfromer ... How a school can be considered a High Tech School and have such low Algebra II pass rates is beyond my comprehension.

Another expensive edu-fad rolls on .... due to "feel good" anecdotes rather than factual reality.

-- Danaher M. Dempsey, Jr.”

hp blogger Lydia Dobyns on Aug 9, 2012 at 18:51:22

“According to California Department of Education, Sacramento New Technology High School has an 82% graduation rate compared to the 73.8% at Sacramento City Unified and Napa New Technology High School has a 93.3% graduation rate compared to 85% at Napa Valley Unified. Further, as reported in a recent Alumni Study sponsored by Napa Learns, Napa New Technology High School enrolls a higher proportion of graduates in college than the district (86% and 73% respectively).

Finally, NTN regularly uses data from across the Network to inform our practice. For the last two years, NTN coaches have been redesigning the math curriculum to include problem-based learning with imbedded formative assessments. This approach focuses on the development of reasoning and problem-solving while also ensuring that students have an opportunity for skill development and feedback on their progress. NTN evaluates student academic performance and makes necessary adjustments to the instructional practices utilized by teachers in 18 states throughout the network. It is our goal that students will demonstrate improved performance in applied mathematical as well as standardized math assessment and will develop the skills needed to be successful long term.”
huffingtonpost entry

Shouldn't Every Child Have an Education Like the President's Daughters'?

Commented Aug 6, 2009 at 11:04:41 in Politics

The federal government is taking over public education. It has no legal authority to do this, but it’s doing it anyway. This is not change I believe in.”

JRsNana on Aug 6, 2009 at 11:27:44

“What did you think of "No Child Left Behind"? Now THAT was a government takeover of public education. And underfunded takeover, but a takeover nonetheless. I'll bet you liked that though. It was brought to us by a Republican so it must have been fine with you. Now, a Democrat is in office and EVERYTHING is a government takeover. You guys are really starting to sound silly.”