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Yasmine Van Wilt's Comments

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Devastating Report Exposes Unequal Treatment of BP Illness Claims

Devastating Report Exposes Unequal Treatment of BP Illness Claims

Commented Aug 1, 2011 at 09:25:56 in Politics

“Doctors are unprepared and/or unwilling to diagnose Corexit/oil exposure-related-problems. Most are untrained in toxicology and therefore unequipped to address the massive influx of patients complaining of vertigo, extreme sinus and upper-respiratory problems, internal bleeding, external sores and lesions, etc...
What people seem to continually over-look is that BP is a corporation. They want to do as little as possible. They want this miss forgotten, and they want to spend as little as they can manage in disaster clean-up and mitigation.

Ken Feinberg is the hand of BP--he opens and closes his palms at their bidding. OF COURSE he is not paying compensation. Why did anyone ever expect he would?

WHAT WE NEED TO ASK OURSELVES IS THIS: What is the role of the government? Is it to serve itself? Or was it created to serve the people? The government no longer serves the people---it has become, and perhaps always was, the system created by the elite to keep the uneducated masses subdued. Well, uneducated, educated...whatever we are, if we do not begin to question, as whole communities united--as whole factions, as whole labor organisations collected---the unmitigated biopolitical power of the corporation over the government--and us...change will never come. We must make the government ashamed to ignore us. It has been embarrassing to be American for far too long...”