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Gun Control Is Just the Latest Issue Where Facts Lose Out to Emotions and Paranoia

Commented Dec 20, 2012 at 17:58:01 in Politics

“This may have been pointed out on one of the other comments, but it is hard to go through everyone in the limited time i have, so I will post this just to be sure.

It is in response to this portion of the article, "People will get guns anyway, no matter the law. The problem with this argument is that you can extend it to a world of things most of us agree should be illegal. Few argue we should decriminalize heroin and meth, but they are readily obtained by those who want them. Same with counterfeit bills, insider trading, and stealing cable television. They all still exist, but that doesn't mean we would want to make these things legal."

Ok. Understood, but you do realize that the flaw here is when you make these firearms illegal, but still available, you make the point that law abiding people will be unarmed while the criminals will be armed. So either you are saying that sure you can still get weapons, you just need to go from law abiding citizen, to being a criminal, or you are suggesting we willingly make are selves more vulnerable to gun toting criminals. Had planned on reading the entire article, but you stopped me with this bout of stupidity. I had to assume you would continue to try to make me dumber with every following sentence. This is nothing like pirated cable, meth, or heroine. It is staggering what is presented as informed opinion.”