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One Way of Making Liberal Education Work

One Way of Making Liberal Education Work

Commented Aug 6, 2012 at 17:41:07 in College

“This is a great piece, and I think if anything there ought to be a boom in new liberal-arts colleges in the next decade -- a whole cluster of social factors seem to demand it, from the huge glut of talented and underemployed PhDs available to fill the faculty ranks to the continued boom in college enrollments to the corporatization and losing sight of undergraduate education at so many larger institutions. However, I'm a bit concerned that the new Antioch isn't really walking the talk here as it hires faculty for its re-started institution, both because it seems to be ignoring the ethical obligation to work with its old, laid-off faculty and because its first few young-faculty hires are, to my mind, not very impressive compared with the candidate pool. A new college needs faculty who are both enthusiastic partisans of the liberal-arts-college model *and* excellent, top-rate scholars; but Antioch seems, at least arguably, to have compromised both, perhaps (I'm speculating) in order to placate those more concerned about racial/ethnic "diversity" than all other goals.”