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The Time Is Now to Reunite Families

The Time Is Now to Reunite Families

Commented Apr 11, 2013 at 15:25:01 in Politics

“It is not only Asian, African, Caribbean and Latino families split apart by the long waiting periods. There are plenty of people from European countries in the same boat. These delays affect our relatives from all parts of the world. Sponsoring sibling and adult children takes many painful years and sometimes decades. Moreover, while waiting most are not able to obtain visitor visas either. Foreign relatives of US citizens are often unfairly denied non-immigrant visas whether they have an immigrant petition filed or not. It is not always possible for the US citizen to visit family abroad. Spending time with family is a basic human need and right that many of us are denied. EU and Australia have found ways to unite families of their residents without risking overstays. We can too!”