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Former Health Insurance Exec Comes Clean About Industry Efforts To Discredit

Former Health Insurance Exec Comes Clean About Industry Efforts To Discredit "Sicko"

Commented Jul 13, 2009 at 00:08:31 in Home

“Editor: This post should link to the PBS site for the full interview, not the shortened youtube clip
ABC Interviews Palin's

ABC Interviews Palin's "Closest Friends," But Most Won't Say They're Voting For Her

Commented Sep 9, 2008 at 13:19:48 in Politics

“If her closest friends aren't avid supporters of her candidacy, what does that say about her readiness to be a heartbeat from the presidency of the United States? These are the people who know her far better than any voter could hope to -- and they could arguably stand to gain from a close relationship to such a high-profile politician by supporting her enthusiastically. The facts are that Palin is anti-choice, has outright lied about her stance on 'The Bridge to Nowhere' and her so called reform in Alaska, wants censorship of books at her local library and threatened to fire the librarian for opposing her -- not to mention Troopergate. Palin even charged tax payers a per diem for living at home -- a clear abuse of her position. Her hypocrisy and extreme right-wing views, many of which are closely aligned to those of George Bush, goes against the message she and John McCain would have the American people believe: that they are the 'Mavericks' who are going to change Washington. Pitbull (with lipstick?) or just Bull$&%!.”