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Lucy Lawless Climbs Noble Discoverer Oil-Drilling Ship For Greenpeace Protest

Lucy Lawless Climbs Noble Discoverer Oil-Drilling Ship For Greenpeace Protest

Commented Feb 24, 2012 at 19:41:55 in Green

“the point is that the oil companies are exploring previously untenable territories that are now hospitable because of climate change in the first place. now that the ice sheets are melting, instead of realizing what lies ahead, they are profiteering. im sure many will think they are simply 'pioneers' for identifying new business oppurtunities but if there is a mishap, we dont have time to clean it up- there is actual scientific reasons why the environmentalists are protesting, not simply because they have time on their hands. the real 'nutjobs' are the people who get a kick out of deriding others and believe that the way we are living now can go on forever. and please dont think you are clever for pointing out that environmentalists also use oil and oil based products. thats exactly their point- our over reliance on a resource that is going to dry up soon and is causing us to take ridiculous risks (like drilling at crazy depths and fouling up pristine territories) must stop. we have to look to alternative means (and i believe the possibilities are there, just needs some real government/public will). and as to the legality of lucy lawless's action- it was once legal for one man to own another. says a lot abt what can be decreed acceptable and what must be done to bring back justice”