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The Best Places To Live In The World 2012

The Best Places To Live In The World 2012

Commented Feb 17, 2013 at 08:36:50 in Business

“australia is one of the most racist country in the world. if you are really a good person ,,its nightmare for you... i call this country a sweet trap.. people pretend to be good,, they call skilled immigrants from all around the world...and when they are in australia ... australians give them less skilled job,,, you can see this almost every where how immigrants are insulted and harrased here. skilled workers have to work under people who dont have any skills ,, immigrants have to work hard to keep there job,,, more over the worse female population you can find here. in big cities you will see most of people from china to need to say what kind of people are those.....only good things in australia is australian white mens are bit peacefull ,,social security and not much crime.”