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Walmart Launches 'Get On The Shelf' Contest

Walmart Launches 'Get On The Shelf' Contest

Commented Mar 15, 2012 at 00:10:32 in Small Business


We are competing in 'Get on the shelf' contest held by Walmart with our product 'ShapeCap'...

This contest is a great opportunity for such innovation as ours where we as small guys stand a chance to earn support from Walmart.

The video you see is a home video showing initial prototypes and is edited & voiced by my 13 yr old daughter.

If you see the cause & purpose & benefits of this product, then please do vote for us... and do help spread the word.

Your daily votes only can make this product idea win this contest :-).
An individual may cast 2 votes daily, one vote via each method until Apr 3rd.

To vote by text à text 4588 to 383838…
And to vote online visit

Shape Cap comes with different shapes @ the orifice, and fits on any regular toothpaste. Paste is dispensed in various shape ribbons that appeal to kids, thus encouraging daily brushing by making that routine a fun.

Shape cap has several benefits: Firstly, it helps dispense the right amount of paste and so, helps comply with the warning on the toothpaste, it eliminates wastage, reduces toothpaste mess, lowers chances of accidental swallowing, sends lesser empty paste into landfills and so, reduces pollution – Helps us Go-Green, and shape cap also makes Toothpaste lasts longer - it Saves Money.
Above all, it’s SAFE.


inventor1959 on Apr 9, 2012 at 23:34:20

“Hello,My name is Tony.I did'nt here about this contest until just this week....I have been trying to find a partner for my invention/idea.This item would be the best thing since microwave popcorn!!!!!-I have this idea {i need to get a model made up}That would put Walmart over the top for an inovative item....Its driving me nuts,That I've missed out on this.However...Is there any way at all,That I could pitch this idea to a board of directors in marketing with Walmart???I'm very serious about this concept,And I've done a bit of my own markets searches on the product idea I have to see if it exisits anywhere....I cannot find anything like it...Which make me even more exited.However,As it always goes...I do not have the finacial resources to pursue this concept.Its very simple,its very unique,It would be a fantastic asset for a Walmart market....Again,I'm very serious about this concept,I have a trade mark on paper and a rough scetched design of what this is.However....The forst thing in business world,Is you do not share this with just anybody,Unsless they want to jump aboard with a contracted deal.So please get back with me on this,And I would bet we could go to the moon and back with this.Thankyou,”