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MOOCs and the Myths of Dropout Rates and Certification

MOOCs and the Myths of Dropout Rates and Certification

Commented Mar 2, 2013 at 19:19:21 in College

“I am 'all in' with this assessment. I am starting 2 classes this weekend, Devlin's - Math Class and Charles Severance's UMich - Internet History. Math is a challenge for me (victim of "new" education trends in the '70's). I am looking forward to Devlin's course.

Before these 2 classes, I have worked at "BioElectricity - A Quantitative Approach" with Roger Barr of Duke and Drugs and the Brain with Henry Lester of Stanford. Both on Coursera. Math classes wrapped in the sheep's clothing of Brain Biology/Physiology. (My words, not Lester or Barr) I have learned a lot about both subjects. I have not grasped the total concepts, but I understand some neurochemistry and cellular chemistry better than some Med. Residents I have met! I am thrilled to get the privilege to listen to these educators/researchers lecture about subjects that by all rights are way over my head. But, oddly enough, things I struggled with in Lester's course, went off like a light bulb in Barr's course. One huge hurdle is reestablishing the learning /studying discipline.

At any rate I look forward to starting to fix my math woes with Keith Devlin. I am already looking at Coursera offerings in Math for continued learning. Who knows maybe I'll find a new career. The online education offerings let me learn in my space and time.

I'll be the one with the Coursera Sweatshirt on, with the big greek letters for MOOC!”