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The Economics of Cancer: Learning From India About Innovation

The Economics of Cancer: Learning From India About Innovation

Commented Apr 7, 2013 at 03:29:36 in Healthy Living

“Those who accuse India of being against innovation may like to read the well-reasoned judgment of the Indian Supreme Court, in particular the Appendix II of the judgment, striking down the patent application of Novartis for their version of the cancer drug. This compares the properties of both the original drug and the beta version of the same molecule claimed by Novartis as a great discovery. It would be seen that by and large they were similar for the Court to conclude that it was a CUT and PASTE job. Just because 30 other countries have, unwittingly or otherwise, recognised it as a discovery and granted patent is not an argument for the same being followed by India. The Indian Court has exposed the exaggerated claims made by the company that gives an opportunity to other countries to review their decision.”