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Four Quick and Dirty Rules for Leading a Passover Seder

Four Quick and Dirty Rules for Leading a Passover Seder

Commented Apr 18, 2011 at 17:02:16 in Religion

“Please forgive me if this offends anyone because it isn't meant to. I am an African American woman who attended my first seder when I moved to New York in 1997. It was hosted by a woman who was conducting her first seder. I have never had so much fun in my life! We ate, prayed (she had prayer books in Hebrew and English), and drank Manischewitz (it couldn't be determined whether we were supposed to drink four or five glasses). By the time I was appointed to wait for Elijah at the door, he came in with a host of friends! Last night I had a friend over for a Passover dinner, ordered from Fresh Direct. I'd love to attend another seder if anyone would invite me!”
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Christiane Wells: What It's Like Being Bipolar

Commented Apr 18, 2011 at 16:47:07 in Home

“Christiane, thanks for the wonderful article and your generous sharing. Like you, I am an LMSW and am currently enrolled in a PhD program in Health Psychology. I am both a member of Fountain House (a clubhouse for those with persistent mental illness in New York City,; also see the Glenn Close/Ron Howard PSA "Bring Change 2 Mind), and a member of its Board of Directors. I am a published author and produced playwright. Next month I am releasing my first poetry collection, The Barbie Chronicles: Revisited, and my second collection of short fiction, The Dirty Side of Midnight. I am currently enrolled in a PhD program in Health Psychology. When I became an LMSW, I designed women’s trauma groups, bereavement groups, and Rock ‘n Role Play groups for my clients who all live with AIDS, chemical addiction, and several with mental disorders, using writing and performance as the foundation of salvation and resurrection in redesigning their lives. I am currently writing full-time, having lost my job because I was unable to return to work following a medical leave, not due to my Bipolar I Disorder, but due to serious problems with my knees, which required a second set of knee replacement surgery. I am interested in Health Psychology because people with mental illness very often live with other physical ailments which sometimes get ignored by unknowledgeable physicians who relate everything to the mental illness and don't take adequate time to assess the patient's physical health.”