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dhahn's Comments

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Stephen Hawking And Higgs Boson Bet In Spotlight As Physicists Hail CERN Particle Discovery

Stephen Hawking And Higgs Boson Bet In Spotlight As Physicists Hail CERN Particle Discovery

Commented Jul 5, 2012 at 11:29:26 in Science

“Great rap Cara Maria, but it would be even better if a viewer had a choice between seeing it in the form you delivered it OR getting pretty much the same material delivered more slowly.

I know the modern world is all about me as an individual, but I think that this presentation could be given even more effectively if ANOTHER PERSON was involved who had a CONVERSATION with Cara about what is not quite as understandable in her fast-paced talk.

Perhaps, the key might be to have an icon which appears in the video after she introduces a key point which some of us might judge could use a bit more slow consideration OR simply I am an idiot and I just need some time to think this through before I can actually absorb another factoid or perspective from her,

Upon hearing a factoid from her or simply judging I need a bit more time to absorb her message, I click on an icon which either simply pauses her great rant (or I think even more effectively conjures up a second person who then engages Cara in a conversation to go into more depth about the point she just raised.

If you folks who produced this are good at what you do and find a colleague (foil or whatever) for Cara who is also engaging then I think viewers would learn even more from this presentation.”
My Opinion On The Governor Romney Tax Plan

My Opinion On The Governor Romney Tax Plan

Commented Oct 12, 2012 at 15:22:28 in Small Business

“My general sense is that America is a lot more than just its President and other political leaders and that though who is chosen as the leader makes a difference, a lot of things will be the same because America means a lot more than one leader's policies.

That being said I am open to either person, but it surprises me to read Cuban being so certain about what Romney means or he will do since he has been reluctant to share basic info other Pres' have shared like his tax returns. Further, it is clear that his religion is a major driver in his thinking but he exercises his American right not to talk about its import to him.

Fine if he chooses not to talk about it, but not fine if you also want to be our leader. Particularly when in a short period of time he goes from declaring himself to be the equivalent to Ted Kennedy for Mass voters and then describes himself as being severely conservative, how can Mark Cuban express such certainty about what Romney's tax plan is supposed to be?”
Has There Really Been a Policy Change in Iraq?

Has There Really Been a Policy Change in Iraq?

Commented Jun 30, 2009 at 00:45:25 in Politics

“Pulling out now would probably make at least two people very happy. Jon Soltz and Rush Limbaugh.

It amazes me that folks like Soltz seem happy to let Bush/Cheney off the hook by declarin this Obama's owned war after 6 months (and as though the previous 8 years of Bush idiocy did not exist) and by staying yes he does add reality to this, but by leaving immediately he actually does take ownership. Better to attempt to play out the Bush agreement and use it either as a good outcome (if it works which I doubt it will) or as an excuse to simply have our troops leave even earlier because the Iraqis did not step up to the plate.

Limbaugh (and the diminishing cadre he represents) would be overjoyed if Obama led the troops out now. He would loudly whine that any future killings were all Obama's fault because we cut and ran (and likely a lot of Americans would believe him).

I agree that bad things will likely happen if we stay and play out the Bush policy agreements as Obama seems to be doing. ight now playing this the way the Obama Admin is playing this does not appear to be a good choice at all. However, it would seem to be a far better bad choice than simply trying to leave immediately or staying forever”

WritusMaximus on Jun 30, 2009 at 05:34:34

“I"t's all Bush Jr.'s fault! " Fruitless the argument, for now Obama decides whether to stay or leave.”
huffingtonpost entry

President Obama: Iran -- How Cautious Is Too Cautious?

Commented Jun 20, 2009 at 02:01:20 in World

“Listen, this appears to be flat out a case where the President saying the "right" words "right" now would simply be the WRONG thing to do.

It srikes me that those both on the somewhat extreme right and somewhat extreme left who are arguing that Obama needs to make this or that rhetorical stand on this issues misses a whole bunch of points,

1. The practical effect of the President saying the "right: thing (and yes it appears the right thing is to recognize this election was stolen from the Iranian people) is that quite likely it will have direct impact on the Mullahs killing people and will also have a marginal positive impact in letting the Iranian people know we support them with our word.

2. This issue here is primarily what the Iranian people DO and really only tangentially what our country says. American support is nice, but quite frankly after we helped throw out the democratically elected Iranian govt in the 50s, after we said great words encouraging the Shittes to fight Saddam and then simplt watched as they died, and given our stupidity with invading Iran based on false justifications, our words mean little.

It seems far better on the face of it for us to walk softly and carry a big stick and help the Iranian people by actions like keeping Twitter going and encouraging Google to help translate Farsi than to simply say the right words which help produce wrong outcomes”
huffingtonpost entry

Will the Fight Over Gay Marriage Be the End of Right vs. Left Thinking?

Commented Jun 2, 2009 at 14:42:45 in Politics

“Cheney's views on this issue seem not only motivated by his stupid slavish ideological rants but by the fact is that one of his daughters is gay and he is biologically programmed to love her. Cheny clearly has invested in all sorts of Machiavellian motivations on things, but on this one I think his motivations and the hypocrisy it has caused are motivated by his dealing with the dualitty of loving his gay daughter.”
huffingtonpost entry

Will the Fight Over Gay Marriage Be the End of Right vs. Left Thinking?

Commented Jun 2, 2009 at 14:36:26 in Politics

“I very much agree that one of the most interesting things about this is the breakdown of the traditional left/right split. The modern media has real trouble dealing with this as seen by the recent diminishing/end of both CNN's and Fox's watching the watchers news media shows (Fox's Newswatch was one of the few watchable shows they had and they booted the ardent lefto and the moderator in favor of having just more blather).

It is quite interesting to watch the extremes of both parties flail about dealing with this 3rd way (which is really a 2nd way as both parties are really pretty similar) perspective. Its amusing to watch folks who reflexively disagree with everything Dick Cheney does (and for good reason as so much he does is evil or incompetent or both) only to have them agree with his views on same sex marraige which mostly seem to be driven by his still loving his gay daughter”

glalgoo on Jun 2, 2009 at 14:52:58

“Well said, bravo!”
Not Swine Flu, Not H1N1 Virus -- Introducing Factory Farm Flu 1

Not Swine Flu, Not H1N1 Virus -- Introducing Factory Farm Flu 1

Commented May 9, 2009 at 14:40:10 in Green

“Its great to see environmentalists tuning in that animal abuse can lead to bigtime pollution”