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Chili's Server Fired After Facebook Tip Rant

Chili's Server Fired After Facebook Tip Rant

Commented Sep 22, 2012 at 13:59:19 in Home

“I served for years...I can almost guarantee the people this girl waited on were either Black, Hispanic, or Non-American Foreigners. In every restaurant I ever worked in when Blacks, Hispanics, or Non-American Foreigners came through the door, we begged for them not to be sat in our sections. And no, I did not work in a restaurant with all white servers. Black and Hispanic servers also begged for them not to be sat in their sections. 99% of the time I would get 5% or less of a tip. (I sometimes would excuse the Foreigners because they were not familiar with American tip culture).

These are the facts, whether you like them or not. Call me all the names you want...when you see a supposed stereotype being played out over and over and over, it no longer is a stereotype, it is reality....”